What is minimalism?

“Minimalism is the path to a conscious and happy lifeBy getting rid of what doesn't matter to us, we free up time and energy to do what really matters.”

Joshua Becker


Why it is the minimalism?

It is clear

Oversaturation with visuals interferes with correct perception, that is, the more details on the page, the less the user pays attention to the information

It all about the main thing

The absence of redundancy allows you to emphasize the main thing for the user. Thus, the value of the content increases many times.

It is fast

Loading speed and correct perception of content by the user - the most important criteria of the web in 2021

It looks stylish

The relevance of minimalism on the Internet is growing every day, which means that such a site will quickly gain the loyalty and trust of customers, because people want to be in trend

The world strives for minimalism

Minimalism has literally invaded all spheres of our lives. Time pushes people to simplify everything around them


Google search engine, Apple products, interfaces of your gadgets, corporate sites of large companies have long time ago moved to the side of minimalism

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