What we do?

Let me tell you

We carefully prepare for the creation of our sites - we collect information, ask thousands of questions to the customer and ourselves, search, think, sketch options, draw to score bull`s eye.On this basis, the main idea for each site is built, and then we start the creation process, carefully thinking through every element, every step, every button.We are on a clean web, for a high-quality product that will be interesting, creative, exciting and easy to understand. We create sites that inspire trust.

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And now a bit more details

In what way we work

We start with a personal meeting

We start with a personal meeting. At this stage we learn as much as possible about you and your business: what was your path, where did it all start, what do you want, what goal do you want to achieve. And most importantly - what are your expectations from us and your future website

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Then we find the target audience

In order to maximize the impact, we need to understand who your target audience is. Therefore, the next step is to paint a portrait of potential customers who will use your site, exploring the smallest detail: who they are - age, gender, where they live, what is their age, who they work for, what they do in their spare time, and what they are interested in. Together we will identify the needs of customers in your niche in order to give them something that will literally break their consciousness and, turning the pages of your site, they will say aloud: "Wow, is that legal? Finally!"

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We find and come up with new solutions that will qualitatively distinguish you in the market from others. We don't try to "reinvent the wheel" every time, we just make it more round.

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We create design

After creating a "construction" and getting answers to the main questions, we get down to creation of a design that will lead us to the goal. We do not build complex mazes - we make a move!Creative branding, non-standard visuals, bright colors and slogans are perfectly combined in a minimal style.

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We create a Web application

Step by step we make the design come into fruition. We come up with ways for the user and administrator. We create functionality that leads to the goal. We do it with love and we are terribly proud of it.

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We come up with a creative marketing

Minimalism is good, aggressive marketing truly works, creativity will make you famous. An advertising strategy that combines all three of these factors creates an explosive movement!

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And now that we've gotten closer to each other

Maybe we shall start the move?

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Peaople are here to say about us


Nomadic state of mind
Nomadic state of mindNomadic team

We are very grateful to the guys for the "Move" they made :) We needed an online store, but at that moment we did not understand yet how everything was arranged. The guys approached the issue in a very professional way, offered several design options, did everything quickly, were constantly in touch and what was the most importantly is that how easily the guys find common ground with the client.

Volodymyr Ershov
Volodymyr ErshovFounder of balkon.ua

Found the guys on the recommendation. Made a site for balkon.ua. They coped with the task perfectly. The site turned out informative and as I saw it in my head. Thank you for the quality work

Vitaliy Bresler
Vitaliy BreslerCEO camp.study.ua

We found the guys on the recommendation. The task was to make a site for balkon.ua. They executed the set task perfectly. They made it informative and as I imagined it in my dreams and ideas. Thank you for a quality work!

Yuriy Mykhaylychenko
Yuriy MykhaylychenkoFounder of Cibum.com.ua

We worked with them on several projects, the guys coped even better than we thought they would. They clearly understood what and how to do, and it gave results. Excellent quality of work, everything was done on time, there were no complaints during the work. Until now, from time to time we turn to them if we need services in their field since they are the best. For those who want to get a quality product for a great price, I advise these guys!


spent only just to see what your business made of


stage undergoes any project


appreciation for what we do, every project is a new competition for us